Homelessness services

A nurse and staff member test a homelessness scheme resident's blood pressure during a health and wellbeing open day

The majority of the individuals we fund are in supported living schemes run by Riverside Care and Support. There are more than 100 schemes across England, including projects for people with drug or alcohol dependency; accommodation for homeless families; mother and baby units; women’s refuges; temporary housing for ex-Services personnel; accommodation for people with learning disabilities; and young people’s foyers.

Genesis Trust provides services to homeless people in Bath

We support Genesis Trust, which provides services to homeless people in Bath, most recently by contributing to the construction of their new foyer. We contribute to the Migrants’ Destitution Fund, run by Housing Justice, which provides a living allowance to asylum seekers while they are not eligible for any benefits, or allowed to work.

Corporate partnerships

Financial advisors Centrus logo

We work with companies to create ongoing partnerships that benefit the people we support. Financial advisors Centrus sent a team to help transform one of the schemes we support, and enjoy a special day of volunteering. 15 staff members, including some visitors to London from their Dublin office, were able to spend a day volunteering at Acre Lane homelessness scheme in Brixton, helping to refurbish communal areas of the ground floor for the scheme’s homeless residents. Find out more.

Kinetic WorldWide logo

We are truly grateful to Kinetic for making us their Charity of The Year 2016. Their fundraising activities, including a bingo night, bake sale, and sponsored bike ride in Belgium, are raising invaluable funds that will go a very long way towards rebuilding homeless people’s lives.

Kinetic Worldwide specialises in out of home advertising, and finding creative ways to engage new audiences.

3i Logo

We are delighted to partner with investment company 3i.

Our Corporate Partner Relationships Manager, Ruth Uwimana, says: “I have a lot of respect and admiration for companies like 3i, whose model is to partner with charities based on their effectiveness and impact, not on their popularity or size. From previous interactions, I know 3i is a company that does not only plant a good seed, but also stays to water and grow it, and this is truly admirable.”

We are enormously grateful for 3i’s recent most generous donation that will do doubt change many homeless people’s lives, restoring their dignity and independence.