Breakfast clubs at hostels help homeless residents start the day positively

Breakfasts bring hostel together

A hostel community is being brought together by frequent cooking clubs.

On Saturday mornings a breakfast club runs at Willow Walk hostel, including a full English breakfast for those who want to participate.

This has a big impact on the environment in the hostel. With everyone coming to reception to collect their items for breakfast and people cooking together or for one another, the feeling of community is heightened.

The club creates a stable routine for residents and provides a nutritious meal for those who are on zero to low income, and might not be able to afford a large meal.

Cooking groups are also led by people staying at the hostel. A meal is planned by one of the residents, and those who participate benefit from more socialising and a hot meal that they would not have had otherwise.

The funding also covers tea and coffee supplies for residents when they cannot afford them. Staff keep the items to collect at reception. This creates a chance for staff to interact with residents, which can be a platform for all sorts of other beneficial discussions.

The impact of these events often has a large impact on the people who live at Willow Walk. Whether it is a cup of tea or a sit-down dinner, food is fundamental in building community.