Your support is now more important than ever. Last year, there were 440 reported deaths of rough sleepers – and more that have gone unrecorded.

Without the warm beds and food provided by church night shelters, there would be many more deaths.

These shelters are run by churches and communities as a response to the need they see on the streets around them every day. They work closely with local services to help their guests find work, access healthcare and benefits, reconnect with their family, or find a safe and affordable place to live. The rough sleepers staying at these shelters may have only one barrier preventing their move on from homelessness. They may need one piece of ID, a way to get to work, or a rent deposit.

That is why your donations make a huge difference to people like Thomas. Thomas was sleeping rough after his relationship broke down. While staying at a shelter, he asked for funding for a construction industry safety certificate (CSCS). He explained:

My benefits have been substantially reduced recently and this makes it difficult to afford the card subscription.
This help would make a massive difference to my circumstances as it would mean I could work.

Winter night shelters are open for three or four months over the winter, although some are open for longer and even run a drop-in service all year round. The facilities they offer vary, from venues with showers and laundry facilities, to computers for guests to use.

This winter, we have already seen the positive effects of funding on the shelter guests:

“We are very grateful for the support that has been provided to several of our guests already. It has been used towards their move-on purchases, which has made a huge difference to making their new accommodation into a home.”
Tina, C4WS Homeless Project, London.

All over the country there are churches preparing rooms for homeless people. Please help their homeless guests to find permanent homes by giving today.


Photos with thanks to C4WS Homeless Project, London.

Church Housing Trust provides grants to homeless people who are living in hostels and need extra help to move on. For those with nothing, your donation can make a huge difference. Please donate today. For more information, visit our website.

Will you give so that someone like Thomas can get back on their feet?


Pays for travel fare to appointments or to view housing.


Can pay for a license or ID to get back into work.


Can pay for a set of new clothes to work or volunteer in.


Funds essential furnishings when they are ready to move into their own home.