Kevin enjoying a cooking session

Kevin’s Christmas angels

For many people the festive season is spent celebrating with loved ones, often over an indulgent meal.

Spare a thought while you are worrying about getting all your presents wrapped, and your turkey defrosted in time. There are 135,000 children in Britain without a home. Four million children living in poverty. Half of the families in the country have no savings whatsoever. They are just surviving, and for them Christmas will be a difficult time.

Kevin’s story

Kevin hadn’t had a decent meal in some time. He was evicted when he couldn’t afford to pay his rent, which led to him becoming homeless.

Before he can find a new place to live, he has to use his benefits to pay off his arrears. It doesn’t leave him enough to survive on. He is living on very little and worried about his physical and mental health.

When he moved into a hostel we work with, he was underweight and losing hope.

A grant from Church Homeless Trust meant he could buy food to help tide him over. He had a fun shopping trip with his support worker where they budgeted for a variety of healthy, tasty meals he could make at the hostel.

He is so happy to receive this help to get through this hardship, and says the people who helped him are “angels”.

Thank you to all of our supporters for being Kevin’s angels this Christmas!