Matthew Doherty

Remembering Matthew

In Memoriam gifts are a unique way to honour someone who has passed away, and show support for a cause they believed in.

When Matthew Doherty (pictured) passed away of pneumonia in January, his friend Jane McEwan created an online fundraiser to remember him.

Matthew had moved to Liverpool shortly before his death. He was especially concerned about the homeless people in the city.

He did as much as he could to help them, and bring homelessness to the attention of his friends and everyone he knew.

Jane said: “I know he would want a legacy that cared for homeless people as much as he did.”

The page surpassed its target of £500 and raised an amazing £670 for homeless people in Liverpool.

Our sincere thanks to Matthew and Jane’s friends and loved ones for giving so generously in his memory.

If you would like to give in someone’s memory, please get in touch with us.