Amal smiling in a suit ready to go to work

Young, homeless adults get support from StreetSmart

A young man who had become homeless was given the chance to pursue his chosen career in security.

His drive to succeed, and our funding, meant he quickly got back on his feet. The funding, in part, came from StreetSmart, an easy way to donate to Church Housing Trust and other charities that support homeless people over the festive season.

Amal’s story

28-year-old Amal* approached an Employment and Training officer shortly after moving into a hostel. “I always had a clear direction of what I wanted to do. It was hard but I never gave up,” he says.

He began to raise the money he would need to gain a Security Industry Authority licence. Recognising his potential, Amal’s keyworker John asked Church Housing Trust to provide the rest of the funding. This made Amal even more determined to successfully find work.

John said: “From day one, Amal desperately wanted to integrate himself back into the community after a difficult life, his experience of mental illness, and leaving hospital.” He is now able to rejoin the community, and begin supporting his child.

You can help people like Amal in a myriad of ways over the Christmas period. For instance, if you are planning some evenings out with friends and family, you might want to make sure that your restaurant is involved in StreetSmart.

If your local restaurant takes part in the StreetSmart appeal, it means that during the festive months of November and December, £1 is added to your bill and passed on to charity. The £1 donation is voluntary and can easily be removed upon request, but people are more often than not delighted to have an opportunity to help homeless people over Christmas.

To help you choose a great restaurant that also supports Church Housing Trust, a full list is available on the StreetSmart website.

*Name changed to protect identity.