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Young woman finds new home

Young people who are forced to leave home because of overcrowding need support.

Rather than force them to return to the family home, where they may be unwelcome, it can take just a small amount of support for them to change their lives.

Alex lived with her mum, younger brothers, and sister. She was also caring for her gran, who has dementia.

She suffered with anxiety and her relationship with her mum got so bad she ran away. She stayed on friends’ sofas for a couple of months, but then had nowhere else to go. She was on the verge of sleeping on the streets.

Fortunately, Alex was given a place in a hostel we support. It took her a long time to explain her situation as talking about her family made her so upset and stressed.

She was still visiting her nan. Then her mum became ill and was in and out of hospital. Alex would travel to and from the hostel to look after her younger siblings.

Although she is a very capable young woman, she needed a lot of support to move into a place of her own. Church Homeless Trust funding meant she could afford basic furnishings to move into a small flat near her mother.

She can still see her family and continue helping her gran. It is also a space of her own in which she can escape from all the anxiety and stress.

The flat was unfurnished and undecorated, but thanks to our donors, Alex was able to buy essential furniture and make it a home.

She is settling in well, and has been able to bring her dog to live with her, which has made her very happy.

“I really appreciate it,” she says. “It’s great to have my own place and a stable part of my life.”

Alex is just one of hundreds of homeless people we have helped to establish a home of their own over the last year.

Every one of them has become homeless for a different set of reasons, and each one of them has unique talents and ambitions. But thanks to your donations, all of them now have the opportunity to rebuild their lives.