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“I can begin a new life”

Joe struggled with alcohol and drugs for most of his life.

He wanted to change, especially after becoming involved with gangs. He told us his story.

“I previously lived in Doncaster and moved to enter a rehabilitation facility and address my drinking.”

However, because he was not from the area, when he left rehab the local council had no duty to support him.

“When I had completed the course and left the facility I ended up homeless as I had no connections in the area, nor did I know anybody living in the area.

“I did not feel I could return home either as gang members were looking for me and I felt at risk.”

With no support and nowhere to go, he ended up sleeping on a park bench and in a winter night shelter. Despite this, he stayed away from drugs.

“I was rough sleeping for two months and survived by staying in a church overnight and receiving food donations from them. In January I was accepted into supported accommodation.”

He worked well with his support worker and was recently offered a flat of his own. But he still faced several hurdles to living independently.

“I was not eligible for furniture from the council. I also receive low welfare benefits therefore could not afford to pay for furniture for my new property on my own.”

Church Homeless Trust provided a resettlement grant so that he could buy essential furniture for his new home.

“Without the grant I wouldn’t have been able to move into my tenancy as there would have been no way for me to afford furnishings or appliances.

“It has hugely improved my future prospects as it has enabled me to settle into a quiet, suburban community with no gang activity or anti-social behaviour. I can remain clean from drugs and alcohol and begin a new life for myself.”