Ron in his new living room

A place to call my home

Ron* moved into a hostel following a relationship breakdown which left him on the street.

He suffers from fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis in all his joints, is currently in remission from prostate cancer, and is under the care of local medical professionals.

After more than a year at 84-bed hostel The Quays, Ron felt able to move on to independent living, and wrote the following letter to say thank you to the people who supported him:

“Well, here I am at last, a place to call my home, and very cosy it is too. I am absolutely delighted: it really is beautiful, and the rural location of Doddington is wonderful. In fact, everything beyond my expectations and wildest dreams.

“It is very peaceful, and the natives are friendly, a very pleasant warmth prevails. They have jazz one Wednesday out of the month at the local pub, although I won’t be venturing there just yet, far too busy enjoying the freedom of having my own space, and the joy of finally feeling out of the bubble and re-joining the human race on my own terms.

“I feel very blessed. I have a lovely South-facing garden, with Tulips in bloom, the earlier array of daffodils now past. Apart from the obvious benefits of the sunshine, it’s a great view, with orchards in sight, grazing sheep, and songs from a chorus of 25 different birds at last count. At night the darkness (no streetlights here) opens up a panoramic view to the wonders of the night sky. As I am a keen astronomer and astronavigator, it’s another delight. I also hope to keep bees and grow some vegetables in the future.

“There’s a local butcher and they also have their own licensed abattoir, so I may well indulge in a carcass or two, with its quality and cost savings. I do love to cook.

“I hope I didn’t cause too many headaches for during my 14-month stay. I remember my arrival, feeling all rather shell-shocked and very apprehensive. It was difficult maintaining one’s composure at times, but that’s stress and uncertainty. You’re all doing a difficult job, with a bunch of people all presenting their own unique problems, and you all have your own worries. It’s got to be tough, 84 people all going me, me, me, me… I really don’t know how you manage.

“I have made some good friends too and hope to maintain contact, all different, but somehow the same for the experience. Many a good hearted fellow I have met.

“The Church Homeless Trust funding was so vital in establishing myself again, and turning a house into a home. The funding enabled me to purchase good furnishings at reasonable prices, a settee, table and chairs, coffee table, and helped with the inevitable moving costs.

“These essentials to home life were such a welcome gift, and enabled me to use my own limited monies, budgeting loan, and income from benefits to the full.

“Thank you all, very much indeed.”

*Name has been changed