Christmas wreath on door

Christmas crafts create confidence

Christmas can be an isolated time of year for those who have been homeless.

But when the right support is available, it can transform someone’s holiday.

Rick had to leave his home after his relationship broke down. Finding a home he could afford on his own was difficult.

He sofa surfed at friends’ houses, and when he was no longer able to do that, slept in his car. He ended up being homeless for four years.

When he began staying at the Light Project in Peterborough, the team there were able to give him more support, and point him in the direction of some new goals for the future.

He asked if he could attend a one-day Christmas wreath-making course. It was a hobby he wanted to develop, and he plans to teach others at the Garden House day centre he also attends.

Church Homeless Trust funded the cost of the course, while Garden House staff helped him with the cost of petrol.

Rick says: “It gave me something to look forward to.

“It has improved my confidence. It showed me that I can learn and share new skills and that people are prepared to invest in me.”

He adds: “Thank you for funding this opportunity.”

Church Homeless Trust is pleased to support the Winter Night Shelter at Light Project Peterborough, and other church shelters across the country, as they help homeless people this winter. To support them, please donate today.