Brown formal shoes

Grant helps with funeral costs

Peter lost everything through drinking, including his licence as a taxi driver.

He had to stay at a night shelter, where he didn’t feel safe.

After five months, he was able to move into a hostel we support. He lives on very little and uses a local food bank to eat.

Peter said: “ I started to address my life issues, however nothing quite prepared me for the loss of my mother. I am struggling with many things in my life currently and I don’t have sufficient funds to buy anything presentable to wear.

“My support worker applied for funding for me to get something respectable to wear at her funeral. This included a new pair of shoes.”

Donations like yours paid for smart second-hand clothes and shoes for Peter to wear to his mother’s funeral, and which he can use in future.

He adds: “I am grateful for the grant. It helped me when I needed it most and was at my lowest. It meant a lot to me in times of real need.”