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Making a fresh start

Domestic violence is one of the most common reasons for women and children to become homeless.

Not only does it break up families, but the victim must often leave behind their local area, including work, school, friends, and support networks, in order to remove themselves from danger. The damage and isolation that results can be long lasting.

Alina fled domestic abuse from her children’s father. But things went from bad to worse when her children were taken away from her. Feeling that she had nothing to live for, she began taking drugs, and lost her home.

She has always had a chaotic life and says that she isn’t sure how long she has been homeless.

I’ve spent my life in and out of supported accommodation and rough sleeping on the streets. I survived by accessing charities and day centres and begging.

After several months in supported accommodation, Alina is finally ready to move into her own home.

A Church Homeless Trust grant helped her to make this move, and means that she can afford some essentials for her new home such as a washing machine and a kettle.

She told us:

This is the next big step in my journey and I want to be able to give it my all in making it work.

Having the extra bit of support will allow me to afford the basics and help build the place into my home, giving me a place to be proud of so that I can continue to move forward.