Breakfast club at Cangle Foyer - young man flipping pancakes

Training helps homeless young people

Homeless young people often struggle with basic skills for day to day life.

Growing up in care, or a neglectful environment, can lead young people to be very isolated and have no experience of how to care for their themselves on a daily basis.

Many of the hostels we work with hold regular training sessions for skills such as cooking, budgeting, and managing debt. We fund the items and support they need.

In one hostel, in Reading, different types of sessions run regularly throughout the week. Cookery classes help young people learn new dishes which can be created on a budget. They then clean up the kitchen, learning both basic cleaning skills and more professional deep cleaning for those that might be interested in a career in catering.

Breakfast club is very popular. For the young people volunteering, going to work, or travelling to college each morning, it can be their only hot meal of their day. They may be living outside of the family home for the first time in their lives, or have come directly out of care. After a class about debt management, they completed a quiz about renting costs.

They are still learning how to budget, buy food and pay for their travel, and look after themselves on their own. This is alongside the ongoing demands of beginning their first jobs or finishing their education.

Residents also get to know one another outside of the hostel, and take a break from their daily routine, with activities such as bowling.

The funding from Church Homeless Trust also paid for hair cuts for all of the scheme’s residents.