Financial advisors Centrus enjoyed a special day of volunteering by redecorating a hostel in Brixton


Increasingly, services that support homeless people with complex needs don’t want someone to hand out food or clothing. They need individuals who can engage with residents and provide additional support for them to learn life skills. The service you volunteer at will be able to plan your involvement around the skills and experience you can provide. You might find yourself getting involved in:

Computing and IT
Arts and crafts sessions

If you are interested in volunteering at one of the services we work with, please send an enquiry direct to:

Riverside Care & Support – nationwide supported housing

Light Project Peterborough – Peterborough winter church shelter

Holy Trinity Night Shelter – Bishops Stortford church shelter, Herts

Thanet Winter Shelter – Ramsgate winter church shelter

Camden winter shelter C4WS Homeless Project is looking for volunteers. They say:

Hosts for Home From Home

We are looking for people who might have spare rooms in their home to host guests from our winter night shelter for a short term interim period whilst we are working on securing their housing.

This might be a guest who is working and just needs a stable bed and a bit more time to save for a deposit; an asylum seeker waiting for a decision on their case; or someone who’s housing is ready for them to move into but they just need an extra week or two before they can get in.

Hosting is a fun experience which can be mutually beneficial for everyone – we currently have a superb Iranian cook staying with a family for whom he cooks delicious Persian dishes!

Guests who are hosted continue to work with C4WS to ensure a quick move on and hosts are supported by experienced staff throughout the process. Subsistence grants are also available to help with any additional costs.

Contact sam@c4wshomelessproject.org for more information.