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4-11 October 2020

World Homeless Week is organised by Church Homeless Trust as part of our mission to challenge, encourage, and support churches to help homeless people. It embraces World Homeless Day on 10 October in solidarity with homeless people, and those who help them, worldwide.

Church Homeless Trust produces a free guide called ‘How to Help Homeless People’, and other educational and fundraising materials for you to use at your church, school, or community group. We can also put you in contact with local organisations to help you to set up your own initiative.

World Homeless Week Pack

Fill in your details below to be sent a World Homeless Week pack. They are sent out at the beginning of September in time for World Homeless Week in October. If you would like the pack earlier than this, please comment in the Additional Fundraising Items box.

The World Homeless Week pack includes one each of:

  • How to Help Homeless People booklet and poster
  • Porch poster
  • World Homeless Week poster
  • Service Sheet
  • Worship Guide with prayer and discussion questions
  • Fundraising Ideas
  • Activities for Schools & Youth Groups
  • Gift Aid envelope
  • For more World Homeless Week items, please write here what your needs are.
  • We would like to continue sending you updates about our work. For full information on what we do with your data, please see

When you order a pack, you can select to be on our map of churches that are taking part.

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