Man cycling

Keen cyclist finds work

Gerald had nowhere to go following a relationship breakdown with his uncle, who he has lived with since he was a child.

He had no experience of how to live on his own, and can suffer seizures and black outs due to his autism, as well as suffering from depression.

When he first arrived at a hostel he had no experience in budgeting, maintaining his own space, or addressing day to day tasks.

Since then he has learnt to budget, and pay for his food and service charges on his low income. He loves to be active, cycling and exercising regularly, and gets on with everyone he meets at the project.

He applied for a job without any support, attended an interview, and was very pleased to be the only successful candidate.

Church Homeless Trust paid for him to buy some new clothing to wear at work, and a bicycle so that he can continue his healthy lifestyle and get to and from his new job without spending money on travel.