Norah and Gemma

“It was like magic”

When Norah was kicked out by her dad, she went to stay with her step-dad.

When he kicked her out too, she was forced to sleep rough. She lost all hope for her future.

It was only when she became pregnant that she realised she couldn’t stay on the street. She told us: “I’ve been on the streets more than once…. when I became pregnant I didn’t know what I was going to do.”

She was referred to a service for young mothers that we support: “They told me that I could move in within a couple of days. Three days later I was here – it was like magic.”

When Norah arrived, she was so anxious she wouldn’t come out of her room. By taking part in training and activities funded by Church Homeless Trust, she built her confidence and learned how to look after herself and her daughter.

She has even become the tenant representative, helping other young, homeless mothers.

She added: “I thought I might have to have an abortion. I wouldn’t have Gemma without this place.”

Norah is now ready to move into a home of her own, helped by one of our grants.