Older man holds his head in his hand

Depression and homelessness

Poor mental health remains one of the great unaddressed issues surrounding homelessness. In recent months, we have seen a marked increase in the number of applications for our grants that… Read more »

Easter egg flower and bunny rabbit arrangement

Easter celebrations at hostels

Thanks to our donors’ support this year, we are able to support lots of fun activities for people in hostels over the Easter weekend. Mums in hostels can struggle to… Read more »

Small living room with sofa and table

Former alcoholic now loves life

Fran* is 51 and a recovering alcoholic. She drank for over 20 years of her life, estranging her friends and family in the process. After falling very ill, she was… Read more »

Two men standing outside dressed in warm clothes have a conversation

A Volunteer’s Story – Part Two

James’ story of personal transformation continues. 10 December 2016 I moved into my own flat, and while it was terrifying, with planning and sheer determination I boxed it all and went…. Read more »

Women and man talking at group session: Supporting people with mental health issues

A Volunteer’s Story – Part One

Our life experiences don’t define us, but they do shape how we see things. James’ support worker contacted us asking for funding for a laptop to support his volunteering work… Read more »

Woman wearing coat hat and scarf walking alone down snowy street

Helping rough sleepers in the freezing weather

Helping a rough sleeper, especially in the current freezing weather conditions, could save their life. In official counts last autumn, more than 4,700 people were seen sleeping rough on any… Read more »

Sunflower in field under blue sky

Clothing provides self-esteem

Maisie became street homeless at 17. She was living in a young person’s foyer, but was evicted because of her anger issues. Her relationship with her parents was strained to… Read more »

Vine with grapes and Bible quote "I am the vine, you are the branches. Those who abide in me and I in them bear much fruit." John 15:5

A message of hope this Lent

We are constantly bombarded with negative stories: news of wars, famines, disasters, and man’s inhumanity to man. Perhaps more pervasive are everyday examples of our inability to co-operate and work together... Read more »