Developing Skills

Staff and residents of a hostel hold up their Food Hygiene certificates

Training and Education

Training and education grants help people to fulfil their ambitions or begin a new career. They are used for course fees, uniforms, materials, and equipment. We have funded courses in fields as diverse as herpetology, safeguarding, beauty therapy, catering, the security industry, and horticulture.

Qualifications and accreditation are necessary for certain jobs. We pay for certificates for construction workers, chefs, security industry personnel, and more.

A hostel session shows the benefits of a balanced diet

Life Skills

Many homeless people have experienced trauma, the impact of which can be a factor in their homelessness much later in life. An unstable background may be one of the many factors that meant they lost their home, and could be preventing them from beginning their lives again. And after even a short time on the streets, it can become hard to think about having a place to sleep, cook, or pay bills.

Added extras that Church Homeless Trust funds encourage residents of homelessness schemes to consider their health and well-being in a number of ways. Funding goes towards healthy eating and cooking-on-a-budget sessions; psychology and counselling open days; interaction with other local services such as hospitals and support groups; and practical courses such as First Aid training. A short course can provide a huge sense of empowerment and much-needed confidence. After a beginner’s cooking course, one veteran commented: “Until today I didn’t know how to make pancakes; I felt a sense of achievement and didn’t feel judged.”

Man and woman looking at laptop computer

Volunteer Expenses

Volunteering is an ideal route back into work, whether with a local organisation or at a hostel. Many homeless people want to give back to their community by providing support to others, so we pay for their travel, clothing, equipment, and subsistence.

Digital Inclusion

Our digital inclusion fund provides people who have been homeless with the skills they need to use a computer and stay safe online. We also provide funding for tablets and laptops in recognition of the fact that these are an essential part of belonging to society for most people.