Making a Home

Jonas with his new oven


People who have been homeless have very few possessions and very little money. When they leave a hostel, it will often be into empty social housing with no flooring, curtains, or white goods. Sleeping on a concrete floor in a bare flat can feel more isolating than being on the streets.

We provide resettlement grants of up to £200 to people when they move into their own home, so that they can buy the white goods, furniture, and furnishings they need. We also work with local furniture re-use charities so that a modest amount of money gets them everything they need.

Due to the acute shortage of social housing, an increasing number of homeless people are moving into privately rented accommodation. This is often unsuitable as it does not have associated support, and is not secure or long-term.

Furthermore, it means that homeless people with very little money have to find enough to cover a month’s rent in advance, a rental deposit and agents’ fees. Our resettlement grants can be used to go towards these costs.

Young man stands outside his new front door

A crucial time in any person’s life is when they move into independent accommodation, and this can be especially true when someone has been homeless. It can be hard to face going from a furnished scheme, bustling with others, to an empty flat when you are already living on a bare minimum and have few possessions. Our grants pay for essential furnishings and household basics that start them off in their new home, and take the worry out of taking such a big step.

Bahram had just started a part time job, so he was refused a local welfare assistance grant to help with his resettlement into the community, even though his pay only amounted to £104 per week. He said it felt like all his hard work was not appreciated. Church Homeless Trust was able to give him a grant that allowed him to buy basic essentials for his flat. Bahram said “I could not have bought myself these things without the help of Church Homeless Trust. Now I can look forward and start to rebuild my life… Thank you very much, I really appreciate what you have done for me.”