Drug and alcohol users

Drug or alcohol misuse is not the most common cause of homelessness. However, once homeless, many people may turn to it simply as way to endure their situation.

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According to a Joseph Rowntree Foundation report, a survey of 1,286 adults using homelessness and other services found that 70% had experience of drug or alcohol problems.

People with addictions may find it especially difficult to get help, as they need a specialist environment where they can choose the right way to get clean. Some have described how hard it is to leave a community where you had friends, and knew what your role was, in order to leave behind drug use.

Homelessness schemes may be a stepping stone to a detox or rehab centre elsewhere in the country, or simply allow them to visit the best group therapy for their needs. Some schemes are able to provide a variety of therapeutic sessions to help relieve the stress of recovering from addiction. Massage, acupuncture, music therapy, arts and crafts classes, and creative writing groups are just some of the wonderful courses we have funded. They provide a holistic aspect to recovery.

To help people begin their journey to overcoming addiction, we provide them with a new bag and clothes for their stay in a detox centre, and travel expenses for their visits to counselling groups. A new pair of jeans, fresh underwear, clean socks and a warm coat helps each person feel that they have made a fresh start, especially if they have come off of the streets with nothing but the clothes on their backs.

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