Veterans can find it difficult to adjust to ‘civvy street’, their nickname for civilian life, when they leave the Armed Forces.

Veterans in front of the Beacon homelessness service

This can happen at any age, whether they retire at the end of their Service, or have to leave due to injury at a younger age. Service life can be psychologically as well as physically demanding, and for some traumatic. This group may require counselling or extra support to deal with severe anxiety and in some cases, PTSD.

Without a support network of family or friends, they often don’t know how to access housing, and may lack the skills or experience that would help them to find work. We help to fund life skills lessons such as cooking and applying for housing, healthy eating and fitness programmes, vocational training, and counselling for mental health issues.

Veterans’ Services

We are proud to work with major providers of services for veterans across the country.

Services we support dedicated to helping veterans include The Beacon, which provides 31 self-contained flats for veterans at risk of homelessness, who have support needs. At The Beacon, residents can overcome traumatic experiences by taking part in therapeutic activities such as wood workshops, gardening, and baking. They can learn new life skills such as cooking and IT. They can also gain work experience in the Veteran’s Artisan Bakery, or begin training in other fields in order to start a new career. Church Homeless Trust funds all of these activities, including specific grants to support vocational training.

Mike Jackson House provides 25 self-contained flats and similar support for men and women leaving the Armed Forces, including help with volunteering and finding new work in the community, and one-to-one support and counselling.

Hardwick House provides 20 flats for ex-services personnel with 24-hour support, to help them in their final stages towards living independently. Once people are ready to move on, Church Homeless Trust will also fund resettlement grants for furnishings and household essentials so that they can successfully move into a new home of their own.

To speak to someone about getting a referral, visit SPACES (Single Persons Accommodation Centre for the Ex Services), call 01748 833797, 01748 872940, or 01748 830191, or email

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