Young families

117 families in Britain become homeless every day. Last year, 112,330 households applied to their local authority for homelessness assistance.

Little girl gives her mum a Mother's Day card and presents

But for young families, especially mothers who may have left their family home due to overcrowding, or were thrown out when their pregnancy came to light, help has to come in the form of a lot more than a safe place to stay.

Schemes for young families provide an alternative to insecure accommodation such as B&Bs, which can be dangerous environments for young children. They are a stepping stone to independent living, with an overarching aim to ensure that homeless children today do not become the homeless adults of the future.

Our funding supports life-skills lessons such as cooking or sustaining a tenancy; counselling to encourage emotional and psychological resilience; education about healthy relationships; social activities that let parents enjoy a break from their day-to-day issues; fun activities for the children; and self-development sessions that let them look at returning to work and develop careers.

Stories about the support young families receive:

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