Young people

More than half of people using homelessness services are under 25 years old.

Residents of a supported living service sit in a fire engine on an open day

It was reported in 2015 that on any given night in the UK there may be 300,000 young people without their own home to go to, who have to resort to sleeping inĀ an unsafe place such as in a car, or on the streets. They are likely to have left home as young as 15, due to abuse, relationship breakdown, or overcrowding.

Some have come out of the care system with no support network to turn to. Some are able to sofa surf or stay with friends for a short time, often while trying to find work or complete their education. Once they are safe with a roof over their heads, we fund a large variety of training and volunteering opportunities for young people in this situation.

Youth foyers provide these, plus the chance to learn other life skills such as managing rent and bill payments, cooking, and applying for work.

Stories about the support we provide for young homeless adults:

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