Mosaic of tree on the wall at Queen Mary's hostel

Suffrage centenary commemorated with mosaic

Homeless women have created a mosaic for the hundredth anniversary of the Women’s Vote.

To commemorate the centenary of women’s suffrage in the UK, a mosaic was designed and built by residents of Queen Mary’s hostel, a service that helps women who have been homeless and have other complex needs.

A mosaic group was already a popular activity at the service. Last year, residents made a tree design to mark the transformation of the service’s garden.

The group decided that the Women’s Vote mosaic would be incorporated into other therapeutic elements in the garden, such as a small fountain, to encourage women staying at the hostel to visit the mosaic and consider the history of the Suffragettes and their right to vote.

A hostel resident and support worker visited the Museum of London to research the suffrage movement and the images they wanted in the mosaic.

Then the group worked together over a few sessions to finalise the placement of the individual pieces and sticking down of the cut glass pieces. They grew confident with the process and worked well together.

The group has the satisfaction of a permanent reminder of their hard work in the garden, and other residents will be able to enjoy the mosaic and what it represents. The service staff who either use the garden at break times or come to Queen Mary for regional training.